One person's trash is another's... frisbee.

We know littering is bad -- of course you'd never just drop a plastic bottle on the ground and leave it there. But there's a grey area that comes with cigarette butts. Some people think they're trash, others think it's fine to ash them out virtually anywhere. It's hard to define what exactly smokers should do with their butts. They're not recyclable, but they're not complete garbage and throwing them out can often result in fires. How are we supposed to get rid of them?

Enter TerraCycle, a company that wants to re-define the grey areas of recycling. They're responsible for the thousands of dedicated cigarette recycling bins all over the world, and they even let people mail their butts in at no cost.

TerraCycle composts the organic parts of the cigarette, like the tobacco, and uses that compost on land. They even re-cycle the non-organic materials by turning them into plastic. Take a hard look at the next frisbee you throw because whether or not you're aware, it may be made of recycled cigarette butts.