Boston Dynamics does it again.

I don't think we as a society are spending enough time talking about robots and artificial intelligence. I mean, is everyone aware that this is how far we've come with robotics?

Check out the video above to watch an eerily sentient humanoid robot walk through snow, pick up boxes and get up after being pushed over. It is surreal to look at. Despite its mechanical exterior, the machine moves enough like a human that it gives the whole video an uncanny vibe.

Boston Dynamics is pretty much synonymous with advancements in robot intelligence and this latest video update from their labs seals the deal for me. Robots are here. They are everywhere. And they are not just there so you can tip them over (because it's not actually fun when they're so human-like that you feel bad doing it).

There is so much potential on the horizon, it is hard to even step back and take inventory of it all. What can we use robots for? Jobs that are too dangerous, unpleasant, or tedious for humans? Combat and war? Vacuuming my car every three months or so on command? The question "what can robots do?" will soon yield the same answer as the question "what can humans do?" except there are a whole lot of things robots will be able to do that humans cannot quite grasp.

Instead of worrying about what jobs will soon be automated or how terrifying robot combat will be, focus on the positives (like a hypothetical roomba for above-mentioned car). Think of all the lives that will transform for the better thanks to robots. All the ways they can help us, rather than hinder us. And uh, don't watch Her while you're at it. Or Terminator. Or 2001: A Space Odyssey. You know, just don't watch any movies about robots.