China's Terminator restaurant has more than a dozen robots that cook and deliver food to customers.

Photo Credit: PhysOrg

Photo Credit: PhysOrg

A restaurant in China is experimenting with robotic cooks and waitstaff. Called Terminator, the restaurant has employed more than a dozen robots to greet customers, deliver food to tables and even work in the kitchen to stir-fry meat and vegetables.

"My daughter asked me to invent a robot because she doesn't like doing housework," said the restaurant's founder, Song Yugang.

Two robots stay by the doors of the restaurant to greet customers as they enter. Another four humanoids carry trays of food to tables. Another robot is stationed in the kitchen to make dumplings.

Each robot costs about $6,500 (40,000 yuan), which is about equal to the annual salary of a human restaurant employee in China.

"The robots can understand 40 everyday sentences. They can't get sick or ask for vacation. After charging up for two hours they can work for five hours," Song Yugang said.

The cooking robots are loaded with ingredients by human staff, who also work in the kitchen to assist in cooking. The waiter robots are only able to move along fixed paths and can politely ask customers to move out of their way when the path is blocked.

See the robots in action in the video below.