Why isn't everyone talking about this?

It is nearly the size of Texas, we think, but we don't know because we can't see it. Others say it is twice the size of the United States. The Pacific garbage patch is an accumulation of plastic debris particles, most of which are impossible to see because they are so small and hidden below the surface of the ocean. But they are there, and they are a huge threat to our environment.

There are numerous ideas floating around about how to get rid of the garbage patch, but no one has taken the initiative so far. The SeaVax is here to change that.

The SeaVax is a solar-powered ship with the ability to vacuum up 22 million kilograms of plastic annually. I know, that sounds ridiculous -- how could that exist? But it does. They even built a model. You can help their efforts by donating here. Every donation counts, no matter how small.

It is going to take a long time to clean up our polluted oceans and it is imperative that we start now. Even if you are not backing the SeaVax, there are other efforts you can take. You can stop using plastic bottles and bags by simply buying reusable ones while encouraging others to do the same. You can campaign for government limits and bans on plastic, an effort that is already underway in numerous cities and states worldwide.

We are all responsible for this mess -- now let's clean it up together.