A security patrol robot designed by Gamma 2 Robotics will soon be mass produced to be the first commercially available security robot in the world.

Photo credit: Gamma 2 Robotics  

Photo credit: Gamma 2 Robotics


A security robot to take over the role of night watchmen will soon be commercially available around the world as it becomes the first patrol bot to be mass produced in the U.S., according to Factor. The robot was designed by Gamma 2 Robotics and will be completely manufactured in the U.S., and will eventually be scaled up to full mass production as demand grows. 

The robot itself is called Vigilant MCP (mobile camera platform) and is equipped with a digital camera and sensors to detect any unauthorized intruders. It will also activate an alarm to send an alert if they do find an intruder. The Vigilant MCP can also have additional sensors installed to, for example, create heat maps to monitor cooling systems. 

The bot is being promoted as a solution to night security, which could cause a threat to employment in the industry. As Gamma 2 Robotics points out, the robots won't quit or call in sick. They are also more cost-effective in the long run and will save employers from having to do background checks and drug screenings. 

See how the Vigilant MCP robot works in the video below.