Who Is Your Daniel? Tell us your stories or share your ideas with our most valuable contributors- our community of do-ers, designers and dynamos. Wrangle up collaborators to improve a life by emailing us your video to Community@NotImpossibleNow.com We'll see if we can make it possible. It's what we call the power of NOW.

Record yourself (or your friend or family member) on your cellphone, straight from your computer into YouTube or Vimeo, or into a camera and send the link/file/camera to Community@NotImpossibleNow.com. 

Our community needs to know HOW we can help. 

Do you have an idea for how to help but need people to make it a reality?


Do you have someone in your community who needs some technology that's out of reach (because of price, geography or the systems in place)?


We're all about access. So, if you've not any means to record yourself, please ask your friend or neighbor to record you on their cellphone and email us the file OR just email us with some images explaining the story of how you'd like to help. 

Providing that it's appropriate to do so after our editors' pow-wow, we will be posting the stories to the Community page to give them a chance at being actioned. If there's any sensitivity to your story being told, pleeeeease let us know. We want to help, and we want to give like Not Impossible minds the opportunity to help, too.