Sentinel Personal Security App helps keep you safe in an emergency by sending out alerts.

  Photo Credit: Sentinel

Photo Credit: Sentinel

Mobile technology has introduced an entirely new world in which people are always connected to each other. One of the biggest benefits of this is an increase in personal security. Sentinel is a smartphone app that helps keep users safe by sending out alerts when they are in danger. 

The app works in a variety of situations without the alerts having to be triggered manually. For example, a forced power-off or a signal loss for prolonged periods can send out fail-safe alerts. Users can also use the app to send SMS, emails and interactive voice response calls to emergency contacts. 

Users' locations will also be live-tracked on a map that will only be available to emergency contacts, including exact location, travel history and direction of travel. This information can help first responders reach the users faster.

"With simplicity and ease of use being the key parameters, Sentinel can send call, email and SMS alerts to multiple pre-configured numbers from our servers in an alert scenario. The alerts consist your last known location, time and direction of travel," the company says.

Sentinel is available for iPhone and Android. Learn more about the app in the video below.