In Shelter: Not Impossible, NIN generates conversations with leading architectural figures, lending an ear to how they're bringing their unique insights to private and public spaces... for the sake of humanity

In addition to getting a bearing to these thought leaders' over-arching philosophies of architecture, we're tapping their brains for the ideas and designs that serve to improve our relationship with each other and the planet, and having them identify those innovative tools about which they're most excited.

From the personal to the communal, Todd Erlandson and his team at (M)Arch. are redefining our relationships to the environments with which we live. In addition to private homes (and his own home on display in the video above), (M)Arch. is responsible for commercial work for clients such as HBO Films, Vice Media (in a building formerly outfitted for Blur Studio), Calypso St. Barths, Fred Segal, Tadashi Shoji and IZip Electric Bikes - and for community projects such as affordable senior housing units, installations for the A+D Museum, a pediatric wing of UCLA's Venice dental clinic, a First United Methodist Church's meeting space, the Children's Lab at CalTech and the Growing Place Preschool. 

The company's outreach introduces interactive exploration to the next generation, and Erlandson's own involvement in projects in Barcelona include introducing functional design to underserved communities, a program that delivers immediate impact for both the American program participants and the local Spanish students

Consequently, (M)Arch. firmly fits into our Help One Help Many ethos, and we're thrilled that Todd was able to participate in this series.

Producer - Elliot V. Kotek; Director - Gary Palmer; Director of Photography - Scott Chrisman; shot on location at the architect's home in Ocean Park, California.