Airbnb meets office rental for a social work environment.

People like myself who work from the comfort of their own home will often brag about the many boons of earning a paycheck without ever having to leave their bedroom. While pants are optional and my dog sure likes the extra attention, it gets lonely day in and day out. And you can only spend so many hours in a coffee shop without getting the stink eye from the barista.

While many might detest the thought of spending another moment in an office, the German innovators behind new company Setting understand that there’s a demand for a professional setting for me and my fellow office-less brethren.

With a system operating much like Airbnb, those without an office can pay to rent one for a few hours, days or even weeks. The spaces are available during regular work hours, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm and cost anywhere between $10 a day to about $175 for a month. Now that’s more than the price of a cup of coffee, but you’re guaranteed a desk, chair and a reliable Internet connection. Plus, there’s no extra registration fees or overhead costs you’d typically encounter when renting out office space.

Setting is brand spanking new and so far it’s only available at a handful of locations in Germany. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time before Setting makes its way stateside. My coffeehouse comrades and I would surely appreciate a productive environment away from home without the constant sounds of grinding coffee beans and steaming milk. 

Top photo courtesy of Setting’s Facebook page