SkyTran will be a futuristic transit system that will transport people in pods around Israel.

Photo Credit: SkyTran

Photo Credit: SkyTran

Israel will be getting the world's very first aerial maglev. The public transit system will transport people in pods at 44mph. 

The new transit system is being developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and SkyTran to bring the futuristic maglev to its corporate campus in Tel Aviv. Construction is expected to begin in three months and will be finished within a year. If the pilot program is successful, the pods could be seen throughout Tel Aviv, which could carry as many as 12,000 people per track per hour. 

The entire system will be completely automated. Passengers can summon the pods with their phones and meet them at specified locations. 

“Israelis love technology and we don’t foresee a problem of people not wanting to use the system. Israel is a perfect test site,” said SkyTran CEO Jerry Saunders.

Since the pods use magnetic levitation to move along the tracks, they don't require any power to move. They get a burst of electricity at the beginning of their trips to get them moving at 10 to 15 mph. The pods then keep going until they reach 44mph.

The pilot system could be up and running by next year.