Smart chopsticks detect food contamination and alerts users when their meals are unsafe to eat.

Photo Credit: Springwise

Photo Credit: Springwise

Chinese tech company Baidu has designed smart chopsticks to help diners know when their food it unsafe. It detects contamination and alerts users with a red light to let them know that their meal might cause food poisoning. 

Springwise notes that China has faced major food scandals in recent years, including the use of "gutter oil," which is waste oil gathered in drains and sewers and sold to restaurants. The smart chopsticks are Baidu's answer to such scandals. 

The chopsticks, called Baidu Kuaisou, have sensors that can detect the chemical makeup of ingredients, including oil and water, as well as PH levels, calories and temperature. When the food is safe, color LEDs turn blue, and then turn red when the food is unsafe. The chopsticks can also be connected to smartphones to get more detailed information about flagged meals. 

The smart chopsticks are still in the development stage, and no proposed price tag has been released. 

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