This gadget allows urban dwellers to control which city sounds they hear

  Photo Credit: 1d2Studio/Rudolf Stefanich

Photo Credit: 1d2Studio/Rudolf Stefanich

The sounds you hear walking along the sidewalk of a large city can be invigorating, but they aren't always so pleasant when you are listening to them from inside your apartment. This new little gadget called Sono helps to make city living a bit more peaceful by eliminating noise and allowing you to control what sounds you hear. 

“In our loud and busy world a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience," Sono's creator Rudolf Stefanich told WebUrbanist. "The pebble like device you can see here lets you reclaim that silence for your home. With its concentric broadband antenna rings, it harvests the energy of electromagnetic noise from Wi-Fi, and similar signals and this way also reduces the level of e-smog pollution in your environment.”

The Sono prototype sits on your windowsill and gives you the option to control exactly what you hear. The device is equipped with sound-filtering capabilities and a touch interface to make it easy to use. 

You can simply turn the dial up or down to listen to or cancel out car sirens, traffic horns and any other distracting sound. There is also an option that allows users to choose preferred ambient sounds, basically giving users a personalized soundtrack. 

See how Sono works in the video below.