WOW! Katie Couric & Team Yahoo! put together this story on Music:Not Impossible featuring deaf singer Mandy Harvey feeling/"hearing" her own live music for the first time!

On October 8, 2015, Katie Couric - Yahoo's Global News Anchor and the nation's all-around favorite media person - stopped by the Not Impossible offices in Venice Beach to meet CEO Mick Ebeling and get first-hand experience with some of Not Impossible's "Technology for the Sake of Humanity" projects.

This also provided the ideal chance to show off a project that the team has been working on for about a year, #Music:NotImpossible - tech led by Daniel Belquer, David Putrino and Paddy Hanlon.

The Music:NotImpossible units translate rhythms, frequencies and pitch into transmittable vibrations and these are conveyed by motors to various points on the wearer's body to enable them to feel/"hear" the music in a new way.

We were truly fortunate to have met jazz singer Mandy Harvey who, as she puts it "happens to have an invisible disability." Mandy lost her residual hearing in 2006-2007 at 18-years of age due to a connective tissue disorder that affected her nerves. By introducing Mandy to Music:NotImpossible we were able to have her haptically "hear" her own song fed back to her.

Check out the video (we hope this embed works for everyone!):

Many thanks to all at Not Impossible, Yahoo! and Porter Novelli for bringing all these wonderful people together, and to everyone else involved in getting this beautiful story up on the home page of Yahoo!