New York City has the world beat when it comes to working out better high-tech ways to carry our kids. With the Steadi-Kid, inventor/innovator Scott McDermott took SteadiCam tech to its infancy.

Billed as "The only baby carrier that uses technology developed for the movies," Steadi-Kid was born out of necessity - the proverbial mother of all invention.  

We got in touch with acclaimed photographer Scott McDermott to establish the genesis of his idea, and how he turned to his cameraman skillset to solve what's fast becoming a global issue as we try to multitask texting, navigation and navigating parenthood: 

"I was carrying my one year old son in a Baby Bjorn style carrier a while back and kept noticing how his head was bobbling back and forth as I walked and wondered if he noticed or if it was annoying to him. Then I thought, 'Wouldn’t it be great if there was a steadicam type solution so he would just float along?'"

Take a look at the resulting product in this video, below:

#SmoothBaby #SteadiKid 

NB: Steadi-Kid is not a real product. But should it be?

 We're just having some fun for the 1st Day of April.