Synek is a flexible boxed peer package that can house craft beers for more than 30 days without altering the taste.

Photo Credit: Synek System

Photo Credit: Synek System

Craft beer is a booming industry, but the packaging always seems to cause a few problems. The equipment used to can and bottle homebrews are expensive, and growlers (half-gallon jugs made of glass or ceramic) don't last very long. One inventor named Steve Young has a flexible, boxed solution to the homebrew packaging problem. 

The system is called Synek and has a cartridge that is pressurized with CO2 and can be filled right from a keg, tap or tank. It comes with a customized box for storage and dispensing. 

"The game-changing part is flexible packaging. Normally everything carbonated is in rigid containers, and these containers have to be filled with expensive equipment," Young told Fast Company. "This is the first flexible packaging that can withstand extreme pressures."

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Synek is said to be able to withstand pressure of 30 PSI, which is more than most carbonated beverages produce. Beer can sit in the package for at least 30 days without the taste being altered. 

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, and have almost doubled their original goal of $250,000. The campaign has been targeted to home brewers, but Young says his ideal market is small and mid-tier craft brewers. 

"We have 300 breweries worldwide who have committed to filling beers with our system," Young said. 

He also hopes that the dispensers will one day be Wi-Fi enabled, and be able to provide users with more information about the beer it holds, how much is left, and other beers users might like. 

The entire Synek system will be available for $299, with each gallon cartridge costing $2.99. 

See how Synek works in the video below.