It's a recipe of tech and food and just had to be shared for the holidays. We're usually searching for tech that makes life better, here's a solution that brings humanity to the cast iron world of tech.

Every now and then there's a solution to a problem we didn't know we had. This time out it's perfect fodder for the holidays - a waffle in the shape of a keyboard - great for techies, great for writers, and most certainly great for maple syrup and blueberries.

If you're struggling for a holiday gift, designer Michael Dimino seems to have it figured out - and he's launched a  Kickstarter campaign here.

Here's a step by step, DIY diagram, for how to make the most of this innovative product. Consider it an instructable, if you will. #HelpOneHelpMany.

What? There's even a couple of gifs and a youtube link! That could only mean one thing - so, for all of you around the globe, we wish you the best of everything - may your problems find solutions in the new year, and may those solutions lead to understanding, empathy and access for all. Warmly, Elliot, Boomer & all of us over here at Team Not Impossible Now.