The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas opens to the public today, and Blue Maestro’s Pacif-i is already making waves at the gigantic trade show.

Named as one of Time magazine’s “most ingenious gadgets from CES 2015,” Pacif-i is the “world’s first Bluetooth Smart baby pacifier,” according to Blue Maestro. Yes, it’s a pacifier packed with features, including a temperature sensor, a proximity sensor to monitor the pacifier’s location and an alarm that sounds off when the pacifier gets lost. Pacif-i synchs up with apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Clearly, this isn’t the pacifier that was stuck in your mouth when you were tiny.

“I know firsthand the difficulty in taking a sick baby’s temperature,” co-founder Kirstin Hancock, Blue Maestro’s head of marketing, told Bluetooth Blog last year. “Pacif-i makes this easier, tracking the temperature and effect of the medication so parents can feel more at ease during this worrying time.”

Now, if someone only could come up with a gadget that could plan your baby’s college fund!

Top photo courtesy of Blue Maestro