MOCAheart checks your heart rate, blood oxygen level and other vital signs on the go. But more importantly, it makes easier for your family and friends to check in on your health.

We wrote a blog post about MOCAheart a few weeks ago after PSFK featured it in their Top Five Health Innovations of the Week. When MOCACARE, the team behind MOCAheart, reached out to us this week, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about their mobile device, which can check your heart rate, blood oxygen level and other vital signs on the go.

Not Impossible Now spoke with Melissa Huang, the lead strategist at MOCACARE, about MOCAheart and their Kickstarter campaign, which ends on December 24. (This interview has been edited and condensed.)

NIN: What was the inspiration behind MOCAheart?

Melissa Huang: Our team leader [Dr. Daniel Hong] is a doctor, and while he’s traveling he realized that staying in touch with family members about their health conditions can be a tricky thing. 

Although we all have health concerns, it’s not always easy to take care of ourselves everyday, because it’s not usually something urgent or a doctor tells you to keep close watch of [a family member’s] health status. We really don’t have the tools that can do that without having to be on location.

One of the key functions of MOCAheart is that it shares your health information with your family and friends. Why is that important?

Huang: Everyday, we know that health is important, but we get so busy. So we talked to people who in their daily lives keep in touch with each other. It just helps that someone is looking out for you, so you think, “I should take care of myself.” And that’s the concept we’re taking with MOCAheart. It checks your vital signs, but also takes into account your lifestyle and your family connections. We hope that it will make things more natural for people.


Photo courtesy of MOCACARE

Photo courtesy of MOCACARE

And when we’re talk about sharing your vitals, we’re not talking about people seeing your health status on Facebook.

Huang: It’s not really designed for social share. It’s more practical. It’s for close family and friends. 

Explain what the MOCA Index is and why you created it.

Huang: Many people who may want to use MOCAheart may not be familiar with medical data. You just see a lot of numbers, and it’s not easy to understand right away. So we designed the MOCA Index on a zero to four scale, and it’s also color coded... It’s on a simpler scale.

As of today, you’re only $729 away from your Kickstarter goal of $100,000 with six days to go. You must be pretty excited.

Huang: Yes, in the middle we were nervous there! (Laughing). A lot of devices out there are targeted for fitness. When you’re looking at our device, it’s more for health. We wanted to reach out on Kickstarter to people who are looking for new ideas and new inspiration.

Learn more about MOCAheart at their website, their Kickstarter page and in the video below.


Top photo courtesy of MOCACARE