Your Rotten Fruit Can Be Used As An Energy Source

In the latest sign that scientists are doing cooler things than any of us, a team of researchers is undertaking a bold project: to convert tomato waste into energy. One of the scientists, a PhD student living in Florida, cites the state's tomato industry as an influence on the research. The state produces nearly 400,000 tons of tomato waste annually and needs a better system for disposing of it. 

The solution, as developed by the team, is a biological fuel cell that turns tomatoes into electric current. The cell contains bacteria that can break down the material within the tomato waste and oxidize it. Of course, this technology is helpful to people outside of Florida as well; even outside of the United States. Not only does it recycle food waste, a major part of the world's growing trash problem, but it also provides a clean energy source. It's a win-win situation. 

You say "to-MAY-to," I say "renewable energy."