TouchPico is a company that might just do away with the need for televisions.

Photo Credit: Indiegogo

Photo Credit: Indiegogo

Mobile technology has made it the norm to watch videos on the go on your smartphone, but one company is looking to take things a giant step further. TouchPico is a pocket-sized device that can turn any Android smartphone into an 80" touch-screen projector display. 

The device is about the size of a Samsung Galaxy S4. It connects to Android devices over Wi-Fi and displays the phone's screen to any surface, up to 80" in size. Users can also interact with their phones via TouchPico with a stylus. 

The implications of this are huge -- businesses can conduct more interactive meetings, people can play apps and games more collaboratively, and people can share videos (or any other information) with others instantly, while turning any surface into a giant projector screen. For teachers, it will take just a smartphone and TouchPico to turn classrooms into interactive experiences. 

TouchPico is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds, and have far surpassed their goal of $55,000. The device can be preordered via Indiegogo for $329. The full retail price is expected to be $499. 

See how TouchPico works in the video below.