Science is gross sometimes. BUT IMPORTANT.

It seems like everything in this world can be reused to generate energy, and now you can count your urine among those things. A team of really weird scientists in the UK came up with a fuel cell that can convert pee into electricity. The best part is, unlike fossil fuels, it ain't gonna run out any time soon.

The process is actually pretty fascinating and involves a fuel cell made of carbon cloth and titanium wire, with a catalyst comprised of glucose and ovalbumin (which is found in egg whites). The goal of the experiment was to find a way to recycle food waste into a renewable energy source. 

It seems like finding a way to turn waste into energy is one of science's big goals right now, which is great for those of us who are hoping to take vacations in the next fifty years to tropical islands that aren't comprised entirely of people's trash floating around in the ocean.