A wearable device from Neumitra warns you if you’re sweating more than you usually do — generally a good sign you’re stressed out.

Bomb that job interview? If you got so stressed out that you stumbled all over yourself and right down the main stairway to the company’s lobby, that job wasn’t meant for you anyway.

Wouldn’t it be great to stop that nervousness right when it starts? A smartwatch called the neuma, which was developed by a former MIT neuroscientist, could help. According to Business Insider, the wearable device from Neumitra is loaded with sensors that alert you with a gentle vibration if you’re sweating more than you usually do — generally a good sign that you’re stressed out. 

After you wear the device for a few days, it gets to know your typical heart rate and likelihood to sweat and then picks up on whether those levels are rising or falling dramatically, such as when you’re dancing or doing yoga, Business Insider reports.

Here’s where the magic happens: Once alerted to the fact that you’re stressed out, you can change how you choose to respond to meeting the HR person in the hallway or the CEO in the boardroom. Best case scenario, you take a deep breath, count to five, and reach for a handshake that exudes confidence (rather than a sweaty mess).

“We saw when we started Neumitra in 2010 that continuous physiological monitoring had the potential to revolutionize questions of brain health and performance,” Robert Goldberg, the founder of Neumitra, told told MobiHealthNews in an email.

The company is still refining their smartwatch, which is now priced at $1,500. Goldberg’s plan is to load the Neumitra technology onto even smaller devices, such as necklaces or other pieces of jewelry.

Top photo courtesy of Neumitra