Wristify makes temperature choice personal and more energy efficient by sending waves of heat or cooling to your wrist.


Cold weather got you down? Is the 12-degree temperature outside all that’s standing between you and a 5-mile hike in chilly New England?

Well, soon you’ll have no such excuses. That is, if the folks behind Wristify have anything do about it. This team of MIT alums is developing a cuff-type accessory for your wrist that you can use to warm yourself up. If you accessorize with Wristify, the peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains in January will be yours for the scaling.

Wristify works by sending waves of heat or cooling to the inside of your wrist. Or if you want to get a bit geekier about it, the company’s patent-pending technology activates the thermoreceptors on the surface of your skin with all-natural waves of coolness or heat.

As Sam Shames, one of the brains behind the device, described it to Wired, Wristify works by introducing a sudden jot of cold to trick your body into feeling cold. “Wristify basically makes you feel like you’re continually jumping into the lake — or submerging into a hot bath,” he told the magazine. A reporter for BetaBoston tried a prototype of Wristify on for size and said it felt “like someone had strapped a warmed massage stone” to her hand. 

And Wired points out that it would be much more energy efficient to use something like Wristify to keep yourself cool versus turning up your air conditioning to full blast and freezing the entire room in the process.

Wristify is being developed by Embr Labs, which is working with a design firm to refine the original model. “Now we have a [version] that doesn’t look like a thing out of Star Wars,” Shames told BetaBoston

Check out Embr Labs’ website to get alerts on Wristify’s availability, and learn more about the device in the video below:

Top photo courtesy of Wristify/Niccolò Casas 

Top photo courtesy of Wristify/Niccolò Casas