Music: Not Impossible

Music: Not Impossible is a project that started under the premise of providing a better live music concert experience for the deaf and hard of hearing. We wanted to create something to empower the deaf and hard of hearing in order for them to be able to enjoy music in a whole new way.

After 2+ years of continuous research and development we came up with a complete platform for composing, translating and sending out audio as vibrations on the user’s bodies. What we learned along the way was that beyond being a device to make it easier for the deaf and hard of hearing experiencing live music, it is also a very enjoyable experience for everyone. We can see a future where vibrotactile art can be a means of expression regardless of your hearing degree where all can appreciate rhythms and intensities conveyed to the human’s largest organ: the skin!

Our device comprises a wearables set, software and an access point for wireless communication. The wearables set includes a vest, two wrist and two ankle bands supplying 8 distinctive points of vibration across the user’s body. We call it a ‘Surround Body Experience’.

We evolved to provide three different experiences when as vibratory translations of music:

- Live Concerts: we can create immediate vibratory conversion of the music being played onstage with no latency. Each instrument or set of instruments are addressed to a different part of the user’s body. The system is totally customizable so we can change the routings during the concert if this is desired;

- Vibrotactile Arrangement: we can create vibratory versions of songs that don’t necessarily match the instruments being played but provide a more compelling vibrotactile experience. E.g. a music going stronger starts vibrating on the ankles and moves ins sync towards the spine passing through all the points in between;

- Song Mode: as we put any song into the system the vibrations are spread across the user’s body following the intensities of the music.