In partnership with the United Nations Foundation, Not Impossible will host the first annual Not Impossible Awards at CES 2017, which takes place January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas.

The Not Impossible Awards will recognize and celebrate the people, companies, technology and transformational inventions that are helping bring positive change to the greater global community. Like Not Impossible, these companies tackle large issues and live by the "COMMIT. THEN FIGURE IT OUT." mantra.



Submissions Reviewed By

Kathy Calvin: President & CEO,  UN Foundation | @Kathy_Calvin |

Daniel Kraft, M.D.: Founding Executive Director & Chair, Exponential Medicine | @daniel_kraft |

Shepard Fairey: Founder, OBEY Clothing | @OBEYGIANT |

Nicholas Negroponte: Founder & Chair, MIT Media Lab. Founder, One Laptop per Child Association | @nnegroponte |

Dan Hilferty: President & CEO, Independence Blue Cross, Inc. |

Kate Krukiel: Director of Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft | @krukker |

Jean Oelwang: President and Trustee, Virgin Unite | @jeanoelwang |

Jessica O. Matthews: Founder & CEO, Uncharted Play Inc | @jess_o_matt |

Britt Zarling: VP Corporate Communications, Fiserv | @fiserv |