Vaccine: not Impossible


Create a wholly unique and innovative approach to delivering vaccines to the millions who are currently left isolated from vaccination efforts.  


20 million children are under vaccinated and at risk of being infected by vaccine-preventable diseases



Vaccine-preventable diseases kill 1.5M children per year and leave millions more severely impaired. 

Avoidable illnesses are wiping out a generation because providing access to vaccines in certain areas of the world is incredibly difficult. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the development and distribution of life-changing vaccines. But the Last Mile – the final distance between major distribution centers and the most vulnerable areas – remains out of reach. 

The Last Mile is an avoidable human tragedy. Solving it is our next mission and story.


Not Impossible is working to tackle the most challenging obstacles facing vaccine equity. Through a strategic partnership with Pfizer, Vaccine: Not Impossible (VNI) will hack the system, disrupt conventional thinking and strive to deliver unexpected alternatives that solve the most pressing issues standing in the way of delivering these life-saving vaccines to people in the most remote corners of the globe.

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Not Impossible Labs has convened innovative thinkers in business, art, global health, design, and technology to discuss and ideate one of the largest barriers to disease eradication: the Last Mile. 

Through multi-disciplinary thinking, creative collaboration and healthy debate, the diverse range of hackers and doers discussed unexpected and alternative solutions for delivering life-saving vaccines to those who are hardest to reach. 

We walked away from the VNI Roundtables with an array of ideas and approaches – big and small, practical and theoretical, simple and complex – of how to confront and conquer the many hurdles necessary in order to dramatically save lives first in the DRC, but eventually in many countries around the world.

We send a whole year’s worth of vaccines, going to wherever the cold chain facility is...That’s where my job technically ends, but I’m here because I don’t think my job really ends there.
— Susan Silbermann, President, Pfizer Vaccines