The Not Impossible Awards honors those who transform lives with purpose driven Technology for the Sake of Humanity. Join us for a celebratory evening filled with entertainment, inspiring speakers and the premieres of our heartfelt documentaries featuring the award winners.

No matter who you are, and no matter what your background is, you can join the movement to make the impossible, not impossible.

Be there. June 1.


The Theatre at the Ace Hotel

Downtown Los Angeles


The Not Impossible Awards recognize disruptive innovation across multiple areas of focus that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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We come from different backgrounds, industries, and experiences. But we share a common mission: To recognize absurdities in the world and then commit to figuring out solutions.
— Mick Ebeling, Founder of Not Impossible Labs

The 2018 Winners

The Not Impossible Award winners had their work showcased at CES® 2018 in Las Vegas from January 9 - 12, 2018 and celebrated at an Awards Show at Zappos Headquarters. 

Additionally, our "Class of 2018" Award recipients will receive world-class mentorship from our Advisory Council of industry leaders and experts from fields ranging from electronics to neuroscience and opportunities to incubate and accelerate their work through participation in strategic partnerships with members of the Not Impossible network.

The Not Impossible Limitless Award
Made Possible by No Barriers

2018 Winner: BecDot
For The Ability to Break Through Barriers

Jacob and Beth Lacourse’s young daughter Rebecca was born with Usher Syndrome which has rendered her deaf and is progressively robbing her of her vision. Inspired by their desire to give her the best opportunities possible in life, Jacob set out to design a toy that can teach braille concepts to children as young as toddlers. Not only is BecDot an accessible tool that can be used in schools everywhere to increase early braille literacy, a special tagging system can allow parents to integrate their children’s favorite toys as tools to help make literacy tangible for their children at an early age.

The Not Impossible Commitment Award

2018 Winner: ANDE Rapid DNA Identification Technology
For their Dedication to Evolving Tools to Progress Public Safety

The ANDE system performs Rapid DNA Identification--the fully-automated generation and interpretation of DNA IDs--in less than two hours, outside the lab, by non-technical users. Moving DNA from the lab to the field enables Law Enforcement, the Military, and Homeland Security to identify criminals quickly. Conventional laboratory technology can take months to years to process DNA evidence—ANDE is revolutionizing the field by generating high-quality DNA IDs quickly, when and where the results matter most. 

The Not Impossible Ignition Award
Made Possible by National Grid and Hawaiian Electric Company

2018 Winner: OffGridBox
For their Commitment to Accessible Energy

OffGridBox is a modular and compact unit that provides renewable energy and treated water in off-the-grid areas. Set up in under three hours, OffGridBox is transforming communities across the world in developing countries and places recovering from disaster. Units installed in Rwanda are piloting the pay-as-you-go business model that is cheaper than what is locally available. For a few cents a day, people will be able to access clean water and sustainable power at a station continually attended by local hires.

The Not Impossible Connectivity Award
Made Possible by Avnet

2018 Winner: DCTclock
For Their Utilization of Connected Devices to Improve Lives

The analogue Clock Drawing Test has been used for decades by health care providers as a way to detect cognitive impairment from Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's. An inspired husband/wife team working at MIT and Lahey Hospital and Medical Center evolved the technique to create DCTclock, a diagnostic tool that leverages data and connectivity to transform the familiar Clock Drawing Test into a precise measure of cognitive function that can lead to early detection, better care, and increased quality of life.

The Not Impossible Vitality Award
Made Possible by Blue Cross Blue Shield

2018 Winner: VR-Project Δ and VR-Qualis Est Vita
For their Innovation in Healthcare

VR-Project Delta (Δ meaning "change") is being developed by Dr. Patrick Bordnick, dean and professor at the Tulane School of Social Work. VR-Δ will put patients into realistic virtual worlds using smartphone-based VR, recreating situations that identify and trigger cravings akin to drug and alcohol addiction. This tool allows for individualized patient diagnostics and aids in treatment by teaching coping mechanisms to avoid relapse. Dr. Bordnick is also repurposing and transforming the technology of VR- Δ to create environments that help children and adults with autism develop interpersonal skills.

Mick Ebeling, Founder of Not Impossible Labs

Mick Ebeling, Founder of Not Impossible Labs