Build: Not Impossible is a global network of mobile maker spaces offering under-served youth greater opportunity for education and skills through creative, project-based learning. By creating safe spaces where imaginations and minds can flourish, Build: Not Impossible empowers youth to discover breakthrough solutions rooted in the needs of their own communities.


61 million primary-age youth are not in school. 21% of those in school will drop out. The current refugee crisis has led to more than 10 million displaced children. 1 in 5 of those children are not in school. 

The Future of a generation is truly on the brink.
— Leila Pakkala, UNICEF
Build: Not Impossible Activity

Build: Not Impossible Activity


Curriculum:  Build: Not Impossible's library of modular curriculum includes a variety of STEM-based learning themes and innovation activity challenges. 

Connectivity:  Through digital communication tools, Build: Not Impossible students around the world communicate and collaborate on projects and problem solving.

Community:  Guided by human-centered inquiry and learning, Build: Not Impossible focuses on developing practical skills applicable to the everyday lives of students using readily accessible materials and tools.


Yida Resettlement Camp is one of the harshest, most isolated places in the world. It has been home to more than 60,000 refugees escaping an ongoing conflict that has persisted in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan since 2011. Because Yida is not officially recognized as a refugee camp, it relies on an informal, community-run education program.

in 2017, we deployed the Build: Not Impossible initiative which includes a 100% solar-powered mobile maker space where students explore themes including structural engineering, agriculture, motion and electricity.  In the program, students make local innovations related to each theme, such as water-efficient hand-washing devices and personal solar-powered lamps. 

Through Build: Not Impossible, students are introduced to hard and soft skills embedded in each activity including: Soldering, building circuit boards, measuring, irrigating, sketching, sawing, hammering drilling, conducting research and applying elements of algebra, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.


According to our students: 

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Participating youth are empowered to:

  • Solve local challenges
  • Strengthen STEM-related, 21st Century & geo-literacy skill sets
  • Increase interest & participation in school & learning
  • Expand cross-cultural awareness & global perspectives, understanding, and tolerance
  • Develop transferable & applicable skill sets that improve economic opportunity and problem solving

The Build: Network is a global hub for makers, educators and youth who support each other in discovering and creating local innovations. The program provides cross-cultural connectivity that positions our youngest generations to lead the world into the future by encouraging global empathy, tact, and understanding in their weekly assignments.

Local educators undergo a Build: Not Impossible teacher training certification to acquire valuable skills that can increase their employment value and student retention. This ultimately builds teacher confidence around new concepts and innovative approaches to education.

Build: Not Impossible Students

Build: Not Impossible Students


This initiative only works with support from our global community of humanitarian makers and educators who strive to provide education resources for youth around the world. Build: Not Impossible is quickly expanding nationally and globally with current focus on refugee sites and other under-served communities. By joining our network you can be involved with any of our locations from the convenience of your own home!

Makers: Lend your unique creativity and skills to support youth & educators around the world as they innovate to improve their lives and communities.

Educators: Lend your confidence and invaluable expertise to young, often untrained, volunteer educators around the world as they step up to provide the most effective, forward-thinking, STEM-based learning possible.

Students: When fellow students  join the network, they immediately connect with  kids on the opposite side of the world sharing stories, struggles, achievements and innovations.All lending  perspectives and experiences that have the potential to bring about bigger & better localized innovations and ideas.

Donations: If you  aren’t able to commit your time,, we are always taking monetary and in-kind donations that go directly to our programs on the ground. Technology, tools, materials, etc. are encouraged. We are happy to provide a list and discuss with you what would be most beneficial to our global network of youth.

Write us:  We’re always open to new locations, so if you know an organization or community that could benefit from our unique program, please let us know. For questions or thoughts on more ways to get involved please contact:

Lesley Onstott, Director of Build: Not Impossible, at

It will only be through working together as humans–regardless of race, religion or language– that we will begin to see meaningful  global change. The Build: Not Impossible network will not only lead to the manifestation of ideas and solutions, but it will share those solutions with those who need and want to implement them  in their own backyards. They may improve or change it, but in the end it will improve lives.