Is this device safe?

We have conducted an initial study to determine the safety of this product. As always, please employ common sense when using. Individuals who are inclined to have reactions to strong physical engagement and those with cognitive impairment should use with caution and in the presence of a caretaker.

We are currently updating our prototype in order to begin longer term user-centered trials in late Fall. The user-generated feedback will be incorporated into us finalizing VibroHealth’s generation 2.0 product design. This iteration is estimated to be ready for mass distribution in the Spring of 2019. As soon as we are ready to continue taking pre-registration orders, we will send an email update. Subscribe to our email list via the home page to receive these updates.

What is the current timeline for VibroHealth?

At Not Impossible Labs, we constantly want to create the best we can. We had a breakthrough idea that means we are creating an even better device to be available in the Spring. We are going to pause taking orders while we iron out the details, and then update you when we are ready to provide those details to you.

If you already pre-ordered a device, we will honor those orders and make sure we follow up with you when we are ready for the second payment to deliver you your VibroHealth system.

I saw a pre-registration form and now I do not. What happened to it?

Does this work for everybody?

We are continuing to carry out studies in order to explore and better understand the device’s effectiveness that can vary significantly from one user to the next. This is why everyone’s feedback is invaluable. If this does or does not work for you, let us know. If it does not, you can simply return your system with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are willing, we will ask a few questions so we can learn from your experience to help us continue to develop and improve this system to better benefit all.

What have you observed in individuals who have utilized this system?

All individuals who have used this system have experienced their own individual and unique reactions.

How long do I use the device to know if it works for me?

If it has an effect, many users notice this within 10-15 minutes, but it must be stated that everyone is unique, and therefore their interaction with the device is also unique. You are able to take as much time as you would like to perfect the vibratory behavior that feels best to you. We are here to work through questions to get to the best experience possible.

How do I use the system?

We will provide a full user’s manual to guide you. We will also have a toll-free number you can call that will connect you to VibroHealth experts who can answer any of your questions. We have developed a system that is intuitive and user friendly, to ease any anxieties or learnings needed to best use our system.

What do I do if this does not work for me?

If the product does not improve your daily routine, and you want to return your system, you can do so through a simple return process, at no cost to you. You will receive your full money back. You will not have to answer any questions, but if you are willing to share your experience, your feedback is appreciated.

Do I have to be connected to a power source to use?

The system is entirely wireless. The included charging platform has a USB port that must be connected to charge the units before and after use.

How long does the device stay powered?

You will receive 4 wearable bands with your order, as well as a charging platform that can charge all 4 simultaneously or separately. Once fully charged, the current product will last for up to 2.5 hours depending on usage. We are working to extend the battery life before shipping to you.

Are the devices waterproof?

The current iteration is splash resistant. The improved iteration that you will receive early 2019 will have an increased water resistance capacity.

How does the subscription work?

Every month, you pay a subscription fee. This fee can be paid monthly or annually. It provides access to the mobile interface. Your monthly subscription provides access to the mobile interface

What are the benefits to accessing the app?

You will have increased control of the devices’ vibratory expression including frequency, rhythm and amplitude.

This system is a two-way device, capturing, storing and sharing data, while also providing vibrations for the user.

Your health provider can access data collected by the sensors embedded in the device. This data can potentially inform around the unique characteristics of your symptoms, as well as build a more accurate and personal treatment regimen.

Our privacy policy will be provided when you download the mobile app. You will have the opportunity to consent to the policy and the collection and usage of data at that time.

Before completing your purchase, you will be provided with and have an opportunity to review a privacy statement regarding the protection and storage of collected data.

You can live review the behavior--timing and strength--of your symptoms

Do I need the app to control the system?

You can also control the device via buttons directly on the device.

Is it obvious that I’m wearing the bands?

We are continuing to design this system in order to make the devices as slick and undetectable as possible.

When will I receive my device?

We are currently hard at work to make the next gen device the best it can be. Over the next few months, we will be conducting in-depth user-testing, as well as improving essential features such as increasing battery life and level of water resistance. We are working to manufacture the updated device after the first of the year, to send you your device in early spring. We will continue to send email updates so you have a better understanding as to when these devices will be arriving on your doorstep.