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Nothing is Im Possible Forever

Technology + Story

We were founded on the principle of Technology for the Sake of Humanity®. The result is a one-of-a-kind, award winning technology incubator and content studio dedicated to changing the world.

A text message can DEFY HUNGER

Hunger: Not Impossible is now Bento and is one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas. Our solution to address food insecurity uses text messaging to connect those experiencing food insecurity with pre-paid to-go meals from nearby restaurants. It's easy and stigma-free.

The Not Impossible AWARDS

Discover the stories of innovations defining the cutting edge of technology for the sake of humanity. Experience the first virtual Not Impossible Awards with on-demand access to the show, accessible versions, and extra content.

Doing a world of good Starts with making

Every Not Impossible project starts by solving one problem for one person. We call them absurdities - an unmet need that cannot stand.

Change the course Of Humanity

With every successful project and every commercialized product, we move the market toward access over excess. In the process, we create concentric circles of sea-changing, community-building, future-manifesting momentum that pushes forward the idea of Help One, Help Many™. And inspires many, many more.