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Not Impossible Labs: Home page


Not Impossible Labs: Home page


Founded on the principle of Technology for the Sake of Humanity, Not Impossible Labs LLC is a one-of-a-kind, award winning technology incubator and content studio dedicated to changing the world through technology and story.  

Since 2008, Not Impossible Labs has engineered, programmed, hacked and crowd-solved issues of inability and inaccessibility and provided low-cost solutions for the most vulnerable on our planet. 

Not Impossible disrupts the status quo by creating impactful innovations and then producing compelling content in which the journey of that innovation inspires many to action.  This creates a sustainable cycle where collaboration inspires innovation, and where our content compels further action.  This is our "HELP ONE. HELP MANY" philosophy that breaks down barriers and enables greater access for all. 

Along with our community of passionate and talented engineers, makers, idea generators and storytellers, we are making the impossible, Not Impossible.

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What We Do

What We Do

Not Impossible & Mick Ebeling featured as the Charles Schwab Champion for Change on CNN

Through film, we showcase how Our breakthrough technology can improve the lives of individuals.


Discover our legacy projects...


Project Daniel

Mick Ebeling reads about a Sudanese boy whose arms are blown off during a bombing of his village and is incited to help. He illegally travels to the Nuba Mountains to find Daniel, make him a prosthetic arm, and teach the locals about the process as well. 




The Eyewriter

Tony 'TEMPT' Quan is a legendary LA graffiti artist, social activist, and publisher who was diagnosed with ALS in 2003. Mick organized a crew of hackers and artists to invent a low-cost, open source DIY device that would let Tempt create art with his eyes. Through trial and error, The Eyewriter was born and Tempt was back to using his creativity. 



Don's Voice

Watch Don Moir write a love letter to his wife and audibly say “I love you, Lorraine” for the first time in 15 years, thanks to a digital solution by the Not Impossible team, Speak Your Mind Foundation and HP's #BendTheRules. 




Not Impossible Labs' current technology initiatives include:

Creating a non-pharmaceutical therapy to improve motor systems disrupted by Parkinson's

Using mobile technology to create a network to reduce hunger amongst those struggling with food insecurity

A wearable allowing young children losing their hearing and vision to better traverse the world around them

Overcoming the "Last Mile" obstacles that prevent vaccines from reaching remote communities

Our VibroTextiles category utilizes vibrotacticle haptic technology in disruptive ways. Music: Not Impossible leverages the sense of touch to enable deaf people to experience music in new ways. The technology recently won a 2018 Edison Award, was featured at SXSW, and the Not Impossible team was interviewed in a spotlight piece by Katie Couric. 


The Book

The Book


Mick Ebeling—a film and TV producer by trade, an optimist by nature—set out on a simple act of kindness that quickly turned into a lifelong mission. In the process he discovered that he could, indeed, change the world. And, as he recounts his own adventures in this fast-paced, fascinating new book, he shows you how you can, too.

Then the question becomes: What other great challenges—and what other great inventions—might be made “not impossible”?

From the beginning, Ebeling has dreamed big, but that doesn’t mean his accomplishments have come easily. He’s had to deal with the voice in his head we all recognize—the skeptical, pessimistic one that says, “Sorry, this ain’t gonna happen.” Yet he has found the courage to ignore that voice and move on. And believe. And get things done.

Fascinating, inspiring, and a true testament to the power of determination, Not Impossible is bursting with optimism and new ideas. It will motivate you to believe that all problems have the ability to be solved—and that you have the ability to change the world and make miracles happen.



Get Involved

Get Involved

Many people want to get involved with Not Impossible. We are constantly working with inspired individuals who have a desire to join our projects and contribute their unique skills. Here is how you get involved.

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email: media@notimpossiblelabs.com


email: media@notimpossiblelabs.com


email: media@notimpossiblelabs.com

Speaking Requests

email: speaking@notimpossiblelabs.com

Project Proposals

email: info@notimpossiblelabs.com

Native Files/Open Source Tools for Eyewriter, Prosthetic Limbs

email: info@notimpossiblelabs.com




Make It Possible

The specific purpose of Not Impossible Foundation is to raise charitable funds to support social enterprise initiatives and organizations that are making the impossible not impossible in order to inspire and solve some of the world's biggest problems.  The Not Impossible Foundation will advance scientific, medical and innovative research to help develop and implement solutions to these very same problems.  

Individuals and donors who are captivated by our mission and inspired to collaborate in making the world a better place for everyone make our foundation possible.

Generosity and sustainability allows for our initiatives to continue growing long after their conception.

Not Impossible Foundation is a 501(c)(3) publicly funded, tax-exempt organization (#45-1601262). All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Contributions can be made online or by check payable to Not Impossible Foundation and directed to 628 California Avenue, Venice, CA  90291.






This unique event includes the option to explore music:not impossible’s breakthrough technology, providing a “surround body” musical experience.

Scroll down for more information on how to have the best experience possible.

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There is no coat check provided, and we recommend not wearing backpacks. The wearable will have a snug fit.

Curious about what happens once you arrive? View the ASL videos below and we’ll walk you through the process.

Welcome to the future of music.

When you arrive at the event please check in.

Head to the gear up station for your fitting.

Testing the function of your #musicnotimpossible device.

Returning your device.

Please share your experience using #mni and. #musicnotimpossible - Follow and tag @notimpossible so we can see your posts!