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introducing bento

Eliminating hunger and food insecurity, one text message at a time.

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In response to COVID in March of 2020, we launched Hunger: Not Impossible, a prototype platform that connected people with convenient, nutritious, pre-paid meals from nearby restaurants in a stigma-free way, all through text messaging. We have now officially launched Bento, a company that is ready to scale the solution to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in the United States, for good.


The Absurdity

Nearly 50 million Americans live in poverty and struggle with hunger every day in the wealthiest country in the world. There is no scarcity of food. The United States produces more food than is needed for domestic consumption and 40% of that food becomes waste. But hunger and food insecurity is prevalent due to poverty.

The Goal

To end hunger and food insecurity, starting in the United States so that no child or adult lives hungry. 

Our Solution

Connect People

Hunger: Not Impossible connects people who are food insecure with stigma-free access to nutritious meals to improve health, well-being and serve as a catalyst for getting out of poverty.



- A kid or family signs up for the program. 

- Once a day, they text "Hungry" to H:NI.

- H:NI texts back a choice of nearby participating restaurants.

- They place their order for a meal.

- They pick it up. For free.



Pilots in cities across the country have already provided hundreds of meals bringing stability and hope. These meals allow people to focus on work, school and their families instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from or being distracted by hunger pangs. It’s a step closer to getting out of poverty.


We partner with community based organizations, local government and the private sector to sign up individuals in need, connect with participating restaurants, and source funding to support the efforts. Our project partners and individual collaborators are at the heart of advancing our mission of creating Technology for the Sake of Humanity®.