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Vaccine: Not Impossible

Creating solutions that aid in delivering vaccines to millions.

Run time: 2:21

20 million children under vaccinated and at risk of being infected by vaccine-preventable diseases.  

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the development and distribution of life-changing vaccines. Yet the Last Mile - the final distance between major distribution centers and the most vulnerable areas - remains out of reach. 

The Absurdity

Vaccine-preventable diseases kill 1.5M children per year and leave millions more impaired. Avoidable illnesses are wiping out generations after generation because providing access to vaccines in certain parts of the world is proving incredibly difficult. 

The Goal

Develop, pilot, and implement creative solutions that alleviate issues related to Last Mile logistics and that aid in delivering vaccines to millions who are left isolated from conventional efforts. 

The Solution

Solution 1

In many cases, it is not because of a vaccine shortage, but because children live too far away from a health clinic. The World Health Organization calls this distance, The Last Mile.  We decided to look at the problem in two ways.

Solution 2

First, re-appropriate existing technology to provide a solution to transportation and logistical challenges.  This included drones, drone boats, and refrigerated backpacks. 

Solution 3

Second, find ways to get people to the vaccine.  This includes education, communication, use of radio to spread the message of the importance of vaccines. 

Solution 4

We can't do this alone due to the sheer magnitude of this global issue.  We continue to build collaboration of passionate people who are committed to seeing through a solution. 

investors + partners

Vaccine: Not Impossible is made through a grant from Pfizer Vaccines, whose mission is to protect lives with innovative vaccines to fight serious disease worldwide. Recognizing that sometimes achieving that mission can be difficult because people live in hard to reach places, Pfizer Vaccines is supporting Not Impossible in exploring innovative ways of delivering vaccines to those in the Last Mile.