Help One. Help Many.

Through film, we showcase the origins of our breakthrough technology, and inspire others to do what we do.

Ten years ago, Mick Ebeling’s life was changed when he met a genre-defining graffiti artist whose ability to communicate and create art was stolen from him by ALS. This film is the story of TEMPT, the origin story of The Eyewriter, and the birth of the Not Impossible movement.

Current technology initiatives include:

  • Music: Not Impossible. A “surround body” music experience featuring innovative Vibrotextile™ technology. M:NI wearables provide music access to the deaf community and an enhanced music experience for all.

  • Vaccine: Not Impossible. Overcoming the "Last Mile" obstacles that prevent vaccines from reaching remote communities .

  • Absurdity Projects. The Absurdity Program is how Not Impossible crowd-solves issues of inability and inaccessibility looking to provide low cost solutions that allow the most vulnerable among us to survive and thrive. From "blind skateboarding" to designing a light weight power wheelchair, we run our program to discover an absurdity and solve for 'One'.

  • Not Impossible Awards. The Not Impossible Awards recognizes the work and stories of people and companies who share Not Impossible's mission to create technology for the sake of humanity.